My real life is literally messy.

See exhibit A and B.

This is my house today.  You know why, because we actually live here.  And, I refuse to spend all my time cleaning, doing laundry, and doing dishes.  Sometimes I take a day or two off.  Sometimes my children destroy it right after I finish cleaning.  I seriously don’t understand how in the world an entire glass of hot chocolate can get spilled the day after mopping.  Not worth it, folks.  Not worth it at all.  The mopping that is.  My girls were beyond thrilled about the hot chocolate in the middle of a ridiculous 105 degree heat wave.  I’m pretty sure it’s the marshmallows.  We don’t skimp on marshmallows in this house.

I spared you a picture of the dishes.  I hate to do the dishes.  I like to put it off as long as possible, read until we’re out of spoons and can’t even eat our freaking cereal, to see if there’s any way I can con Husband into doing them for me.  It rarely works, but I always hold out hope.  Just like I hold out hope that one day when I walk out to the mailbox there will be a $5,000 check in there for me.  Never happens, but I’m holding onto hope for that too.

So, challenge of the day…take a day or two off and enjoy every minute guilt-free.  (You will pay for it dearly when you have to play catch up, but for a couple days it’s magnificent.)  And you know what my super sweet friend said to me when she walked in this morning?  “Thanks for not doing the mad rush to clean up before I got here.”  She made my freaking day.  Momma always said, “If you’re coming to see me, come any time.  If you’re coming to see my house, call and make an appointment.”  That’s one wise momma.  And you know what, I had great conversation with my friend without once worrying whether she was judging my housekeeping skills.

And, just because it’s my blog and I can write what I want, here’s a little something from my day that made me smile.

I’m grateful for my girls.  (See, working on a grateful heart here.)  I’m also grateful that I found a toy laptop in my bed tonight as I climbed in.  ha

Oh, and here’s a list of words that Hannah asked definitions for today: ridiculous, electricity, and prescription.  (Pretty sure that I use ‘ridiculous’ a little too frequently.)

And Leah-bear’s first prayer: “God, Cece’s house.  Amen”.  Two nights in a row so I’m pretty sure she means it.


What is your least favorite household chore?



4 thoughts on “Ridiculous

  1. Connie Chapman

    I love this! It has to be one of the best things you’ve ever written. And you calling me wise had nothing to do with it. Ha! I’m also pretty sure you got your cleaning skills from me! Glad you took some time off–it’s good for the soul. And I love those 2 little girls!


  2. Aunt Denice

    My wise momma said, “Clean enough to be healthy, dirty enough to be happy!” There are some things more important…like hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows! Enjoy!!


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