Spoiled Rotten

Let’s face it.  I live in America and I’m spoiled.  And, I’m raising 2 little girls in America and they’re spoiled.  So, how do I, as a parent, combat the spoiled attitude, the tantrums, and demands of toddlers?  They have come to expect toys, gifts, privileges, and attention.

And, yep, I’m the guilty one.  I’m afraid I may have trained them this way.  I’m spoiled and I spoil them.  I am fearful that if they have to do without or be told no that it will wound them.  Ugh.  Garbage and lies.  I did without growing up, got made fun of, and still turned out alright.  Lets face it kids will be mean and hateful to my girls whether they have all the right clothes, gear, and toys or not.  Kids will find something to mock them for.  So, if I can’t stop the maliciousness of their peers why I am continuing to spoil them?  Huh.

Do I like dealing with the tantrums and fits?  Do I enjoy the screaming and yelling?  No.  hum hum hum…We’re not gonna take it.  No, we ain’t gonna take it.  OH, WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!  I hope you sang with me.  At the top of your lungs.

Does it hurt them to be told no?  It might hurt their selfish feelings momentarily, but no, it doesn’t really hurt them for me to tell them that they can’t have X (or Y or Z or 8 of X, Y, and Z).  So, other than being a hard-nosed nasty mom and telling them no to everything how do I teach them to be grateful.  I believe that at the heart of the issue of them wanting more is them not being thankful for what they have.  Ugh, that might apply to my heart too.  And don’t tell anybody but sometimes I throw tantrums and fits too when I don’t get my way.  I’m just politically correct and do it in adult forms, which may or may not include yelling, sulking, silent treatment, and hatefulness.  But, this post is about my ungrateful children and they *gasp* certainly didn’t learn their ungratefulness from me.

We’re gonna be thankful around here if it kills us…and some days it may get close.  At every meal and at bedtime we all say one thing we’re grateful for.  It’s hokey and awkward at first, but luckily, kids don’t mind hokey and awkward.  Has it stopped the tantrums.  Heck no.  But, at least 4 times a day we are all grateful for something.  It has actually started to make me think more about being grateful and it’s only been like 3 days now.  I’m hoping after like day 1082 we might actually be  grateful.  And you know what, it makes parenting and training doable.  You’re already at the table.  You’re already tucking them in.  Go ahead.  Do it.  Ask them what they’re grateful for.  Tell them what you’re grateful for.  And get ready for the answers!  Sometimes they’re pretty great.  And you know, Jesus just might change your own heart.  And that, just might change your kiddos.


What are your children grateful for?



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