Home of the Brave

I am so proud that my home is literally “home of the brave”.   For those of you new to me, Husband spent a year and half deployed to Iraq.  The short version is this: wedding + 1 year = deployed to Iraq.  It was quite possibly the hardest thing I’ve ever done…and I had the easy part.  Husband trained for a few months in the states before landing in Kuwait and then on to Iraq in 2005.  Let’s suffice it to say that Husband and the guys he served with should be dead on multiple occasions and I’m forever grateful to God for his protection of them.  I know that I am lucky to still have him with me.  So, it is not me being trite when I say that my home is home of the brave.  My husband is one of the bravest men I know. He’s an infantryman to the core.  There are few that I respect more.

He keeps reminding me in this ridiculous heat, and my nagging him to drink more water, that it is not 136 degrees nor is he in full uniform nor is he carrying full gear.  Like that makes him the authority.  Ironic too, because I can assure you that he is the Sgt Major of the Hydration Division.  Yeah, yeah, I know division isn’t the right word here but I couldn’t get any more info out of Husband because he doesn’t think I’m funny and he stopped answering my questions.  Moral of the story, it’s hot out there folks, drink your water.

Please please please enjoy your 4th of July!!  America declares her independence today.  Celebrate.  All that she is, all that she has done, and all that she will do.  She is a great nation and we are all blessed to call her home.  I can assure you that the men and women that defend us would want you to celebrate being an American!  (Well, they’d probably want you to drink a few beers and get yourself good and drunk, but I wouldn’t recommend going quite that far.  Lets drink responsibly, folks, stop at one or two.)

Thanks for all your support of Husband and I.  We still feel the effects of the war and know that we are stronger for having done it.   We also know that we certainly didn’t do it alone, so to those of you who were in our lives then…THANK YOU!!  We couldn’t have made it without you.  And to those who are in our lives after…THANK YOU…for helping us pick up the pieces and make sense of it all!  I can now put my shoes on without it being a major ordeal and crying (read, bawling hysterically) through every second of tying them.  But, that’s another post for another day!

For today…HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!!


What about America are you most grateful for?  (More gratefulness, gonna make you hate me with all that grateful talk.)



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