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It’s County Fair Week and Who’s Excited?? This Girl!!

So, I may live in suburbia, but I love love love the county fair!  Seriously, cows, pigs, horses, tractors, lemon shake-ups, homemade ice cream, taffy, funnel cakes, corn dogs, carnies galore, queen pageants, tractor pulls, rodeos, demolition derbies, rides, and so much fun I can’t hardly stand it!

I have fond memories of being a kid and going up to the fair office with my uncle and grandpa.  We got to go behind the scenes and went almost every night to the fair.  My brother and I loved it!  I will say that I was older than I care to admit when we went to the rodeo and I made my Granny B take me home because I couldn’t handle it.  Still can’t.  Rodeos make me nervous.  I know I’m going to see someone get maimed and then I’ll be scarred for life.  Or I’ll pass right out in the middle of the grandstands.  Ugh.  Nobody wants that, so I’ll skip the rodeo thank you very much.

But seriously, if you want to find me this week.  You might just want to check the fairgrounds.  I’ll be the girl with 8 boxes of Malone’s State Fair taffy.


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  1. I’ll see you there tonight! Can’t wait for a corn dog, funnel cake, and lemon shake up!

  2. Sounds like the perfect evening!


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