Seasons of Change

I live in the midwest…but you all know that, seeing as you live here too.  (Well, except for my CA and PA friends, but they used to live here too so that doesn’t really count.  Besides I still like to pretend they live here.)  I love it.  We have actual seasons.  We see all the temperatures, from 0 to 100 degrees (F) and beyond.  And I kinda love it.  Well, not that I love all the temperatures, I’d be ok never seeing 95 + again, but I do love the changing of the seasons.  You see, I love each season, there are certainly pros and cons for each, but I especially love the changing part.  Every few months we get a change.  It helps me to remember that things are the not the same, things are changing, moving, and not stagnant.  Sometimes I think I love change a little too much.  I’m not always content with the current season. Like right now, I’m so ready for fall that I can’t hardly stand it and we’re not done with summer yet.

Oh, kinda like my life.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, another seasonal metaphor.  But, really, I’m ready for a change.  I’ve struggled hard to be content this summer.  And, on my good days, I was content.  And on the rest of the days, well, I was not.  I thought we, meaning my household, were ready for change, but then God changed the plan.  Apparently we were having a change in plan and not a change in life.  Must have been our plan and not his.  Seems strange when we had prayed about things and thought it was his plan.

Regardless, I’m so ready for fall.  I still feel like change might be coming, but only time will tell.  At least the leaves and scenery will change.  ha  I suppose we have plenty of changes in life stage and seasons without actual major life changes.  And, lets be honest, I’m a quitter from way back, so usually once I get the change I’m ready to quit and high-tail it back to where I was…where I was at least familiar with my surroundings.  I suppose that’s where the most important change takes place…my heart.  Changing it from the loveless, joyless, cold, selfish, and ugly heart it was where it just wanted all that it couldn’t have into one that believes and trusts Jesus, one that wants his story for my life more than it wants my version of the story.  That seems to be the hardest change.  I guess that’s why only Jesus can change hearts.  I’m pretty lousy at it.  Ironic that I work so hard to try to change other peoples’ hearts when I can’t change my own, but that’s another whole post.

So, bring on the fall.  Falling leaves, changing colors, changing scenery, changing of the wardrobe, changing of food, changing of temperatures, and changing of me.


What is your struggle with change?



One thought on “Seasons of Change

  1. Connie C

    First, let me say I love reading your blog. You’re pretty funny! And you make great points. They usually smack me ‘up the side of my head’–right where I need it. As you know, I’m going through some changes right now too. And I agree, bring’em on!


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