Yeah, I’m good at that

So my sister-in-law said something the other day that really caught me off guard.  She was talking about how open I am about my faults and that I’m lovely.  Isn’t she sweet?  🙂  I think she’s pretty fabulous and she’s taught me a lot in the last couple years.  Anyways, her comment made me really aware of something.  I’ll explain.

I try very hard to be real and genuine.  Sometimes maybe more so than you (or I) wish.  ha  Women, men too, but I’m more familiar with the female version since the majority of my relationships and conversations are with ladies, tend to hide.  Thanks a lot, Eve.  We hide our faults and our sins.  Especially in the Christian world.  Afterall, we wouldn’t want the “non-Christians” to think we “sin” and “struggle”, now would we?  Newsflash: we sin and struggle.  Just like “them”.  Only we have Jesus.  Thank goodness.  Newsflash: He makes the difference, not you.  Not me.

Moving on.  I am very aware of my faults.  I hide them, to be sure.  But, I try very hard in life and in my blog-life to be legit in where I’m at and what I’m processing.  Now, in my blog-life I do try to protect the innocent and blah blah blah, but I give you as much info as feels safe for those in my life.  I keep my swearing to a minimum and keep people nameless…that’s pretty nice of me, right?

Well, here’s the big kicker.  We, people (and especially “Christians”) also hide what we’re good at.  Boo.  We call it humility and condemn the boastful.  But, what if, maybe, just maybe, we shared what we’re good at??  If we share our strengths, talents, and goodness He might actually get more glory.  It’s his goodness that he gave us.  What if we actually claimed our goods and gave him the credit.  That might just make us all a little more real.  I get pretty freaking tired of hiding…I’m supposed to hide my faults and my goodness, ugh, it just makes me tired and quite frankly it just makes me not me.

I think it would be terrific if we could learn to appreciate the goods of each other.  Shoot, if I could ask my friend Andrea to help me when I need to bake or if I could ask my friend Julia to help me run better or Katie to help me hem better or Kelly to help me dress better or Mom to help me know what books to read to the girls or Anna to help me pray in the moment with people or Alicia to help me Zumba better (may not happen, my hips just don’t move like that, but I could ask) or Sarah to help me be more natural or LaToya to help me not mind messes or Ashley to help me accessorize and “own my shit” and Aunt Denice to help me be compassionate and thoughtful and Husband to help me chill out and think things through and solve problems??  They get to use what they’re good at and I get better at what I’m not good at.  That sounds like a super fun world.  Seriously, makes me excited to think about people in my world helping me with what they’re good at.  Saves me time and energy and I get to have better relationships with my friends and family.  Super fun world filled with our goodness…God’s goodness given to us, lived out through us.  He gets the glory and the credit and we get his grace and his goodness.

And I named names and swore.

Lets be real people…good and bad.  We all have it.  Here are a few of my goods.  I can sew pretty well.  I can craft it up with the best of them.  I see the holes in plans and schedules.  I am really good with details and organizing.  I can cook decently well.  I can account and use excel.  I’m a good mom.  I’m a good wife.  I’m covered by his blood and that’s the best of all.


What are your goods?  Go ahead, name them.  As many as you want.  I’d love to read them.   I’m excited to read them actually.



One thought on “Yeah, I’m good at that

  1. I think this is one of your best blogs yet! I’ve read it to several people –whether they really wanted to hear it or not. Lol. It’s so true. I must admit, when I started thinking about it, I could only think of what I don’t do well–and I didn’t want to write about that! But as I’ve mulled it over for a while I actually want to say what I can do well. I’m good at helping kids. I’m a good wife. I can cook pretty well–when I want to. I can make people feel welcome. And my favorite? I’m a good mom.
    Thanks for helping me focus on the good. And for helping in focusing on the best–Jesus!


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