I hate ticks.  I despise them.  I see absolutely no reason for them to be on this earth.  They generally make me want to freak out.  And, I must be tasty because I seem to get them easily.  Ugh.

I found 2 ticks on me and 1 H-banana.  My little, or not so little, H-banana started preschool this week.  And wouldn’t you know Chad’s gone this week.  We were gone the end of last week so I’m putting the house back together this week.  And my whole house needs a good deep-clean since we’ve been gone so much this summer and my cleaning leaves a lot to be desired.  Ugh.  And, now we have these ticks that I can’t figure out where they’re coming from.  Ugh.  And did I mention that Chad’s gone this week.  Ugh.

And all this follows the “hell week” from a couple weeks ago.  Ugh.

You know what?   I’ve cancelled my to do list.  I made it on Monday and today I threw it in the trash  recycled it.  I think the to do list is now down to one thing, to survive this week despite the ticks and turmoil.  I can handle just one thing.  And, on the slight chance that I manage to get some laundry or cleaning done it will be a huge bonus because it means that I’m doing the only thing on my to do list AND I still have something in me to do more.  Not because I have to do the trashed recycled to do list, but because my only thing this week is to handle the ticks and turmoil and live life despite them.

I mean, I twitch a lot and inspect every mole, freckle, or piece of dirt that might possibly be another tick.  I made a game out of it with the girls.  We check each other for ticks.  There’s strength in numbers and I’m happy to have the moral support, even its from a 2 yr old and 4 yr old.  Oh, and did I mention my brave friend, Anna.  Seriously, she has now checked me not once, but twice, for ticks and my little dogs too!  She brought me the Starbucks drink in the pic and encouraged me that ticks will not take over my world and that I’m handling this very well.  ha  So there, very well.  Her words not mine.   I did cry a little bit today and asked God to supernaturally take away the ticks (after I found and removed and flushed one though).

And, I found this.  It really has helped.  ha


I have the best of friends, in Cleveland, but mostly here in my real life.


Which do you hate more, ticks or spiders?



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