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So, I’m not typically a big political junkie, but I do know that this whole Todd Akin thing is a big deal.  I don’t even want to touch on his actual comments.  I do want to ponder the fact that one mispoken comment has the potential to ruin his career.  I don’t know how people live with that kind of pressure.  I get things wrong all the time and say dumb things and I certainly don’t know everything.  I’m human afterall.  I think it’s kind of true that most of us, but especially us loudmouths, and lets face it, politicians are all loudmouths, say stupid things.

Seriously, if I had a dollar for every wrong fact, hurtful thing, harmful thing, loud thing, stupid thing, or mean thing I said I would be rich.  ha  Maybe I should be a politician and then I would be rich.  Or not.  I can’t handle the pressure.  I have enough pressure being a human, a wife, a mom, etc.  I fail a lot.  Luckily there’s grace.  Which is more than Mr. Akin will get from the media and public.  Seriously, that’s a sad life.  I used to live that life.

I lived under the pressure of the fear of saying the wrong thing or hurting someone.  Fear of being judged.  Fear of not being able to make up for what I’d say.  Fear of apologizing.  Fear of letting people down.  Fear of being wrong.  Fear of people.  Fear of God.

Lately though, I’ve been learning grace.  Grace from God.  A lot of it.  Turns out, there’s a lot of grace.  A ton of it.  And it’s always there and always ready and it’s great.  Funny that it’s not at all shameful like I thought it would be.  Even funnier, the people in my life actually have grace too.  I guess God gave it to them.  Lots of it too.  I’m pretty grateful for the people in my life.   I’m also pretty grateful I’m not a politician.

Good luck, Mr. Akin.  Glad I have Jesus.


What do you fear?



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