Green in the Bathroom

ha  But, not the bodily fluid kind of green.

Meet the fabric shower curtain liner.  That’s it.  It’s pretty naked…my tub and shower, that is.  No plastic.  I love it.  No moldy liner.  I take it down and toss it in my washing machine and dryer when I need to.  We all know that the plastic is bad for us and we hate to clean them and we pay to keep replacing them.  I’m over it.  I made the switch to a fabric liner and I’ll never go back.  It’s an easy switch.  I dare you to try it.

We have 3 towel hooks.  We use our towels at least twice.  I love the hooks on the wall.  I love doing half the towel laundry.  If only I could cut down the rest of my laundry to half.  My girls probably wouldn’t mind wearing everything twice, but me and Husband, not so much.


How are you green in the bathroom?



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