Much Ado Over A New ‘Do

So, we like to live on the wild side here at the Stuehlmeyer house.  We cut our own hair.  Every one of us.  Well, actually, Banana & Bear do not cut their own hair.  Trust me, I know better than to give a 2 yr old or 4 yr old sharp scissors.   I cut their hair and mine.  Husband cuts his own hair.  I got fired from that job.  You see, I used to cut it.  Then I got pregnant with Hannah.  And I may have had a dramatic exhausted moment one time in the middle of his haircut and claimed that I couldn’t finish because I couldn’t stand up any longer.  He no longer trusts me.  Sad, really.  One less thing I have to do.  Backfired on me, eh?  😉

I figure we save a ton of time and money.  Husband likes his cut every 3 weeks or so so that’s an easy $15/month we save.  The girls and I usually only get cuts every 2 – 4 months, but still that’s $45 every 3 months (more if we go to the fancy salon).  I figure we save $400 or more a year on haircuts (including gas, cut, and tip).  Plus, we save a ton of time by not driving to the salon and having to wait.  And time may just be more valuable than the money we save…time is a big deal in the world of a 2 year old, a 4 year old, and their mother.

Always a pose from this one.

She’s a little blurry.  She just will not stand still.  If you think it was an issue for the picture, you should have seen us during the hair cut.  I kept asking telling her to sit still and she just kept telling me, “I can’t, Mom.”  What’s a mom to do?  Wise words from a two year old.  If you can’t sit still, be honest about it.

Anyways, for now it’s a win-win.  Until I cut someone.  That happened to one of my siblings once.  Sibling got cut by a family member cutting their hair and they never forgot it.  It was rather traumatic.  Good thing it wasn’t me.  Good thing I haven’t cut my kids ear.  They’ll never let me forget it.  I digress…it’s a win-win.

Would you cut your kids’ hair?



7 thoughts on “Much Ado Over A New ‘Do

  1. Charis

    Aaron shaves his head whenever he needs it done. I trim Skyler’s hair whenever I remember. I used to trim mine but I don’t anymore. Not after I gave myself bangs that were not. I decided to quit that. And Aaron hasn’t said the exact words that I cannot cut Emily’s hair when it is time, just that she should go to a salon. Am I insulted? No. I can’t cut hair. I can only trim it and then fake layer it so no one notices really if it’s uneven.


    1. H’s curly hair is easy because there is so much room for error. L’s gets a little trickier since it’s so straight. So far, I’ve just had to trim hers up so it’s not too big of a deal. I did mine last night…there’s not been anyone to check it for me so we’ll see what Chad says once he gets home to inspect it for me! You win some you lose some, eh?


  2. I’ve always cut my boys’ hair, but I use clippers. A trick I use to get them to sit still is to give them a dum dum lollipop or a candy cane (treats they almost never get). It works until the treat is gone. I’m intimidated about cutting Charlotte’s hair, though.


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