We Remember

The loss.  The sadness.  The evilness.  The pain.  The change.  The impact. The ripples.

9/11 has impacted my marriage.  I didn’t even know my husband then.  He was deployed in the ripples of 9/11.  6 weeks after I met him.  He shipped out to Germany.  We built our relationship with a sea between us.  He is honorable and earned my respect back then.  He and the men and women that make up the strongest army in the world.  The servicemen and women.  Those in uniform.  The police officers, fire fighters, the paramedics, and all those in uniform.  They give in a way that is quiet and humble and yet they are the strong, the resilient, the ones that carry us through.  They do the unthinkable and serve, protect, and defend every day.

I am so grateful to the backbone of our nation.  The citizens that are behind the scenes, calling the shots, doing the hard jobs, losing sleep, earning gray hair.

I am indebted to you.  That my children are protected and fought for.

I know the impact that 9/11 has on my husband.  He wasn’t there.  He didn’t see the sights, smell the horror, but he feels it.  It’s in him to go on defense and be prepared and wonder and plan and fight and mourn and remember.

He remembers.  I remember.  We mourn.  We are Americans.

We are teaching our children.  We are thanking our God.  Our God gives hope to the hopeless and strength to those that are serving.

We pray today for those that are mourning their loss of loved ones that day.  We pray for those that were there that day and still have nightmares and see and smell the terror that was there that day.   We pray for those that are caring for them.  We pray for all of us that feel the loss and tragedy.  Today, we pray for you and yours.

God bless America.  Land that I love.


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