Soap and Vaccines

I guess there is always kool-aid to to be drunk (drank?  not an English major here sorry).  The question is which side will you get the kool-aid from?

I am at the beginning of my hippie journey.  I’m asking for your grace and good questions as I seek earnestly to make wise choices for myself and my family.  You may think I’m weird, but as my momma always said, “Everybody’s weird except me and thee and sometimes I wonder about thee.”

Bear with me, here is part of my journey.  I have always had dry skin, basically since I came out of the womb.  I can remember as a little girl itching and scratching til I bled.  My mom used Tide at the time and we finally realized I was allergic.  I haven’t used Tide since then, but have still struggled with dry skin.  I’ve been to the dermatologist since I was in high school for acne and dry skin.  I was diagnosed with Xerosis (dry skin).  I use chap-stick and lotion like a fiend.  I’ve seen several different dermatologists and tried more commercial soaps and lotions and chap-sticks than I can tell you.  I still itched and scratched and basically just kept trying whatever new lotion they suggested.

This past summer my friend was making some soap and I decided to try a bar.  I figured it couldn’t be any worse and at least in the summer I wasn’t quite as dry.  You can imagine my shock when it actually worked.  I was better.  I even managed to stop using lotion on the days that I didn’t shave.  (Shaving still does a number on my skin so I started making lotion to use on those days.)  My husband’s back acne is gone when he uses homemade soaps.

I’ve done some reading and from what I can tell the commercially made soaps have the glycerin removed (to sell separately for more money), but removing the glycerin takes away its skin moisturizing and softening properties.  They use additives and fragrances which also irritate  sensitive skin.  I’m not sure as to the oils and fats they use, I’m going to assume that they are not the high quality skin nourishing kinds because of cost and my own experience.  Whether all that is true or not, I can’t say for sure, but what I do know is that homemade soap has literally done wonders for my skin (and my husbands).

So, I can’t for the life of me figure out why my dermatologist never suggested anything other than the commercially made store bought soaps.  If they are experts in their field and in the corresponding skin related products then why do suggest products that have glycerin removed and other harsh additives included.  It just seems like they maybe don’t know quite as much as we expect them to know.  If they couldn’t help my skin not itch, which was supposed to be their specialty, then what other things do we expect from our doctors that they are not experts in and are not capable of.  I’m pretty sure that they get lotion samples and other medicine samples from pharmaceutical companies wishing to peddle their own products for their own bottom line.  Some of the lotion samples I used simply were horrible, but I continued to see the same samples every time I went.

I guess what I’m saying is that in the end it was my own research and trial and error that gave me the best results.  If I can’t trust my dermatologist to be willing to research and include more than commercially made, mass produced, pharmaceutical pushed products why should other doctors be any different?  Why should I not ask the hard questions about bigger topics, like vaccines?

What if what we’ve been told isn’t correct regarding vaccines?  What if there’s more out there than we know regarding the long-term negative affects of these vaccines?  What makes these doctors and pharmaceutical companies and agencies more trust worthy than my dermatologist?  What if they don’t know best for everyone?  What if?

That’s all I’m asking, what if?  What if we don’t have all the information?  I still have a ton of questions and not a lot of answers.  I know that some vaccines are certainly helpful.  But are all of them necessary?  Do they really need to be given to infants?  I wish there was an easy clear-cut answer.

I also wish that there was no cancer and no other diseases but there are.  We can’t get rid of everything by a shot.  We can’t keep eating the crap that companies want to sell us to make them more money.

I can’t keep using commercially made soap that’s not good for me.  No more itching.  Not for me anyways.  They can keep the kool-aid thank you very much.

Maybe people like me wouldn’t be so mistrusting of vaccines, doctors, companies, agencies, and government if we hadn’t seen more often than not them lying to manipulate people and make more money.  So, whether it’s soap or vaccines, the real problem is that I’ve been manipulated and lied to and now the consequences are that I don’t trust them.

And I certainly don’t want their kool-aid.


One thought on “Soap and Vaccines

  1. 1. My dermatologist has suggested such things, so they’re not all bad apples. 🙂
    2. The internet is not always a fantastic source for all things medical. For example: people rant and rave about the number of vaccines children are given as compared to thirty years ago but if you actually look critically at the science, the number of antigens in all the vaccines (currently recommended) combined is only about 130 whereas there were 200 antigens in the 6 recommended vaccines of thirty years ago. So, things that people question often have more complexity than the initially appear to have.
    3. I think when considering information we need to be careful to not be individualistic and without regard for society as a whole. We live in a world without many many infectious diseases so our understanding of risk for those is very different than the understanding of our grandparents. An article written about vaccines with perspectives from Dr. Sears ( definitely not your “kool-aid” doctor) and another pediatrician. Especially think that the thoughts on Personal Choice and Social Responsibility are good.
    Good luck!!


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