Big Win

Well, not for the cardinals.  😦  But BIG WIN for Hannah & I, and we’ll take the spotlight if you don’t mind.

We went to Michaels in search of this candy.  Of course, it was raining.  Of course, the lines were backed up.  Of course, the candy was at the checkout stand.  Of course, Hannah opens a bag of skittles that she grabbed while I was distracted.  Of course, she spills half the bag all over the floor.  Of course, I hear them ping ping pinging all over the ground.  Of course, everyone looks.

Did I yell?  Of course NOT!!!


So take that.   Of course, I did think about whether everyone was staring at my daughter who opened candy without paying for it and proceeded to spill it all over.  Of course, I did have a reasonable conversation with her about not opening candy without asking (and without paying).  Of course, she apologized three times and was genuinely sorry.  Of course, I felt GREAT about getting to handle things without letting my fear of what others thought about she and I dictate my behavior and response.  Of course, I told her 18 times how proud of us I was.  She didn’t freak out and throw a fit.  She was sorry and handed over the candy.  I didn’t yell.  I had a reasonable conversation with her.  Of course, I am so proud of us.  Big win, I’m telling you.

Of course, I feel great.  Progress.  Seriously, folks, progress is good.  Of course, I’m more grateful for Jesus changing my heart than anything else.  He changed me…I assure you this is something of a miracle…I could not have changed myself.  I’ve been trying for years to change my yelling angry heart with no luck.  I’m pretty glad Jesus did it for me.  Of course, I am GRATEFUL.  Of course, I don’t want to be the yelling mom.  Of course, I want to love my girls well.  Of course, it is possible with Jesus changing my heart.

Of course, I left the skittles all over the floor and didn’t tell the cashier…because I’m pretty sure she heard them hit the ground.  Only one win per day people.

Of course, I yelled the next day.  But you know what?  I made progress.  I’m actually doing better.  I’m actually yelling less.  I’m actually engaging more.  I’m actually caring more.  I’m actually living in a place where progress is possible and there’s grace for setbacks.   Of course, I couldn’t be happier.


What was your big win this week?


Other things you might want to know:

-Of course, I ate half the remaining skittles as my reward

-I let her earn back her half of the remaining skittles by picking up the living room and her bedroom

-You should try the Unreal candy that actually started the trip to Michaels


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