Ripple Effect

The effect the military and the war had on us will never be undone.  It’s like a ripple that never ends.  Some seasons are calmer than others and others have bigger waves, but it will always leave its mark.  Between Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Veterans Day we’ll never go too long without remembering and feeling the ripple continue.  It has changed us forever and we’re (mostly) grateful.  It left its impact on us and hopefully we left an impact on it…the war and the people.  The people that were with us during that time will always have a connection to us that is unexplainable.  You can’t go through something so incredibly difficult alone and I’m so grateful for the people I got to walk through it with.

Thank you to everyone who has ever served and their families and their friends.  I know that military service isn’t an individual sacrifice, it’s a family and friend sacrifice.   So, thank you.  Those two words seem so small compared to the bigness of the feelings in my heart and the bigness of what they do for us.
A brief walk down memory lane.


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