I Quit

Facebook, that is.  I’m gonna quit.  At least for now.  I read this super blog post, How to Miss a Childhood.  I am totally addicted to Facebook.  We talked about this in Community Group last week because my awesome leader/friend is looking to quit since she spends so much time on it.  I kinda thought she was a little crazy and a little right.  I’ve realized more and more that I really only use Facebook as a time waste or to brag about my own life.  And I’m totally guilty of spending more time on my phone and computer than on my kids.  I want to teach them that face-to-face conversation is best.  Or even that phone conversations are better than texting or facebooking.  Most of the time I’m reading stuff on Facebook about people that I really don’t know or care about.  So for now…if you want to invite me to an event or get ahold of me or ask me any questions, you’ll have to find me in person or call me or send me an old-fashioned email.

I’m gonna disable my email on my phone too.  I’m really not that important.  I don’t really need to have my phone go off every time I get an email.  It’s not like I’m the President’s wife or anything.

Join me if you dare.  Hands free and more connected.


What will be the hardest thing for you to give up?



5 thoughts on “I Quit

  1. LaToya (your favorite black sister-in-law)

    Tonight we went into Verizon for me to finally get a new phone. I told the salesperson that I didn’t want/need a smartphone and I got a weird look. I told her that I don’t need to be checking FB every second or my email. She just smiled. Oh and Matt says water or maybe oxygen would be the hardest to give up :).


    1. haha I have to admit that I still really love my phone…I love the apps and coupons and sales and the ability to check my email if I want to and a GPS and to look up phone numbers. I just need to take control back! 🙂 Glad you got a new phone!


      1. LaToya

        Yah coupons would be cool to get I guess. I just get them through email and either print or write the code down. Guess im old fashion :). I think if i used them more it would be more beneficial. And you will get control back!


  2. mom

    I get it. I’ll miss seeing you on here but I know how to reach you. And I think it’s hilarious that you said “an old-fashioned” email. Hehe.


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