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The Next 30 Days

So, I’ve thought it over.  I’m not going to delete my Facebook account.  I am going to take a 30-day hiatus.  I have a lot going on and need some space to breathe…and lets face it, the extra time will be super helpful.

I logged out of facebook, deleted all the shortcuts, and took it off my phone.  After 30 days I’ll probably slim down my feed to people that I actually have a relationship with (past or present) and people that I would be willing to call on the phone or meet for coffee.  I’ll also decide then what steps I want to take to minimized facebook’s influence on my life and relationships.

If you need to invite me to something or tell me something important please call or email.

I’m sure going to miss it.  Or maybe I won’t.

So…here’s to the next 30 days.  It’ll be different.  An adventure for sure.  ha  Who in the world says that life without facebook is an adventure??  Lets get started.


What would you miss most about Facebook?



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  1. I am thankful that you are setting such an important example. Our goal in life should be to honor God in everything we do. You are an inspiration.

  2. I have thought about and contemplated this a lot…and for me it brings up my fears of my reality I think.. the reality that I don’t have real in- person relationships to fall back on during that hiatus and I feel like I still need some adult, friendly input everyday..everyday I have mixed feelings about fb as I continue to crave what it can’t provide…


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