Not So Funny.

So, I talked to Husband on the phone yesterday morning.  My phone locked up immediately after hanging up and I couldn’t get it to turn on all day.  I finally looked it up online and got my phone to turn back on last night.  Yay!  Or not.  Now I have no cell service.  Yep that’s right, no calling, no texting.  And no facebook.  I’m pretty well disconnected right now.  At least my internet and home phone work.  Hm, maybe I shouldn’t write that.  Maybe they’ll be next.  Ugh.  Surely not.

I did spend a little more time connecting to my girls and praying through some upcoming decisions.  It looks like the electronic disconnect may actually mean more connecting in real relationships.  Hm, imagine that.

29 days to go.

Reminder: If you need to get a hold of me, email me or reply to this blog post.  If you leave a comment on facebook I’ll get it 29 days.


How long could you go with no calling or no texting?



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