The Back Story

So, here is the beginning of a really long story.

It all started back in June of 2009.  I was pregnant with my little Leah-bear.  And I was so freaking miserable I couldn’t hardly stand it.  You see, that pregnancy was probably the most painful thing I’ve ever endured, physically anyways.  (Chad being in war probably trumps it from a psychological standpoint.)  I’ll spare you the gory details, but lets suffice it to say I was in a LOT of physical pain.  And I had an 18 month old.  And the pregnancy ended in major surgery, yeah a C-Section, and then a 6 week recovery.  And a newborn.

Let me back up a bit.  In college I was diagnosed with restless leg syndrome, which pretty much means if I don’t take my meds I don’t ever sleep.  And sadly they don’t allow pregnant women to take them.  Ugh.  I was so exhausted and miserable.

Also you should know that I don’t do doctor’s offices and hospitals.  I pretty much just pass right out.  I’ve been passing out in school, dentist offices, orthodontist offices, doctor offices, and hospitals since like 4th grade.  I really wasn’t looking forward to another C-section.  But, by the grace of God, and my desire to get that baby out, I did not pass out the entire pregnancy!

Enter newborn.  Read still no sleep, still no meds.

I had been asking since about June to get my tubes tied while I had my C-section.  I was pretty much done forever with this whole pregnancy and childbirth business.  Chad wasn’t ready.  My doctor thought I was too young.  Screw them is what I thought, but still they won.


What about you, ever passed out?



4 thoughts on “The Back Story

  1. Aimee Webb

    No ma’am, I’ve never passed out. I did not know you’ve also had two C-sections? I’ve decided that I can handle a lot more than I ever thought after enduring two of them. And I use the word ENDURE purposely. You feel the same? The first one was worse for me. Josiah had feeding issues which was emotionally challenging and my body and mind just couldn’t fathom this new kind of exhaustion and pain. I do believe my age (33) also factored in to the challenges. It got better, of course. And then the Lord was really merciful the second time around. Baby Isaiah nursed easily and I guess I handled it all better pain-wise because I knew what to expect.


    1. haha Yeah, 2 C-sections is quite an accomplishment in my book! And yes, ENDURE is a great word. I agree, the recovery of the first was definitely worse for me. The procedure was worse on the 2nd…probably because I knew it was coming and I wasn’t in labor. Nursing didn’t go well and the post-partum stuff didn’t help anything at all. I’m glad to know we’re in the club together! ha


  2. Lori

    My boys have restless leg syndrome. Sam has it worse than Noah. He also has low iron and they apparently correlate. Noah’s was low when he was having symptoms as well. How do your iron levels look?

    I get really close to passing out when I have pain, even weird pains like hunger pains can cause nausea, sweating and that lovely feeling of passing out. Typically I can push through it, but it’s still weird. I have seen similar symptoms in my kids at times, I wonder if it is an inherited trait.

    One of these days we should meet up and chat again. Perhaps as the weather gets nicer, we can meet over at the park and let the kids play. 🙂 Have a great day!


    1. Well, I’m glad I’m not alone. 😉 I take a multi-vitamin and am a fan of red meat so I must be doing ok. I just had a full blood work-up done and they didn’t mention iron.

      As for passing out…I do think it’s an inherited trait. My mom and several of my great-uncles are the same way. We just have learned to warn medical professionals that we pass out easily.

      I would love to meet up and chat! Hopefully we’ll get some nice weather soon!


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