Surgery: Me vs Him

Ever since Leah-bear got here I’ve been terrified at the thought of getting pregnant again.  I was absolutely against it.  I get really bad post-partum depression on top of the exhaustion of having a toddler and a newborn.

Also, you should know that I have always wanted to adopt internationally.  So, I wasn’t opposed to raising more children, I just didn’t feel the need to birth any more.

You should also know that Chad really wanted another baby (from my womb) and would really like to raise a little boy.  Little boys scare me, but that’s another post for another day.

Quite seriously I asked my doctor how many forms of birth control I could use at one time.  ha  I kept “encouraging” Chad to get “the surgery” done.  I told him when I was pregnant that if he wouldn’t let me get my tubes tied, then he had to have “the surgery” because I already had 2 surgeries.  I might have also told him that I was all for it, if he could carry it and birth it.

From time to time we would have the conversation/debate and it was usually quite heated.  I wanted him to have “the surgery” so I could go off birth control and be “normal”.  He wasn’t ready.

It wasn’t that we fought talked about it a lot, but it was just this underlying unresolved thing.  For 2.5 years.  I was terrified and ready to be off the pill and he wasn’t ready.  Ugh.


What is your biggest unresolved issue?



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