We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Broadcast

It is Valentine’s week after all.  I have a love hate relationship with Valentine’s Day.  On one hand it’s a great way to set aside time with your significant other.  On the other hand it can be a total letdown, totally crappy for the singles and unhappily married, and generally speaking totally overrated.  Oh yeah, and awkward, did I mention awkward.  It can be awkward.

Here are a couple of my thoughts to make it less sucky for somebody in your life.

If you’re married/attached to someone, spend a few extra dollars and buy a single friend a valentine.  They might not get one otherwise.

If you’re single, offer to baby-sit for the ol’ married folk with small children.  They will forever be grateful.

If you’re married, make a plan ahead of time so the disappointment is minimized.

If you’re single, get a bunch of other singles together and go out.  Spend some money and enjoy your night.

(Mom, Dad, Grandma, Siblings, Family, this is your warning…you may want to skip over this next one.)

If you’re married, make a new rule…Valentine’s Day gifts for each other must relate to the bedroom.  Get creative.  This works for any budget!

If you’re a parent, take your kiddos out on short dates one child at a time.  They’ll each get to feel special.  There’s always Rural King…free fun, free popcorn.   Or maybe that’s just my girls’ favorite place.

And remember, it’s only one day to endure and maybe it’ll be better than you think.  I challenge you to take a few moments during the day and be genuinely grateful for the people you like that God put in your life.  Chances are that he gave you at least one, c’mon…at least one, probably more, person/people/animals that you truly love and are grateful for.  Oh, and there’s that whole Jesus dying on the cross thing where God loved you beyond comprehension.  You could be grateful for that.  God gave you His everything.  Maybe Valentine’s Day isn’t so bad.

Good luck, team.  I wish you the best.


What is your best Valentine’s gift or ritual?



2 thoughts on “We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Broadcast

  1. mom

    Great advice! It can be awkward and sucky for some people–I agree reach out to them! And I like the part about relating to the bedroom–and sorry if that was too much of a yuck factor! Hehe.


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