Well, that’s just awkward

Life happens.  In the form of the stomach flu at the Stuehlmeyer house.  How’s that for an awkward Valentine’s Day?

I wish you better luck than ours.

I hope your children don’t poop and puke all day.

I hope you can eat chocolate since I cannot.


I have no question for you because I am too exhausted and miserable to think.



4 thoughts on “Well, that’s just awkward

  1. elisabeth

    Praying for you, my friend…I know poop and puke is anything but romantic, but think of it this way…you are able to properly care for them..imagine being in a position where you neither had the resources or the ability to do so? Shudder…*hugs* it’s all about changing the perspective! Happy Valentine’s Day! It WILL get better!!



  2. That is horrible! Especially when you are sick yourself and have a hard time caring for them and yourself. The kids were sick last week and I have been sick this week. I am so sorry. It certainly is not fun to go through. I wish I lived across the street and could bring yummy chicken soup (once you can eat again and keep it down) or some cool movies for the kids.


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