A Jam Plan

I have a new plan.  A jam plan.  Name that TV show.

Moving on.

I have a new plan.  It has nothing to do with jam, but that episode just keeps rolling through my head.

It’s a cleaning plan.  It’s not new.  I’m sure lots of people have done it.  I’m going to implement it.  I will warn you that this has not been tested or approved.

I have a small house.  Basically just 5 rooms on the main floor.  5 rooms that I actually have to clean on a regular basis.  2 in the basement that I rarely have to clean.  I have decided that each Monday I’m going to take one hour to clean one room (or technically, one type of room).  However, right now my whole house needs cleaned.  So I’m doing a test run to start it out and this week I’m cleaning one room (type of room) every day.  But, normally, I’ll only have to deep clean for one hour a week.  I’ll do it on Monday afternoon and get it out of the way.  And every month my whole house will get cleaned.

I really dread cleaning for an entire day to do my whole house.  One hour, once a week seems much more manageable and I’m totally ok with each room only getting cleaned once a month.  If you think my house should be cleaned more frequently then I will let you know where you can send your donation for my cleaning lady fund.  Anyways, I’m going to pick up, sort out, dust, vacuum, and mop for one hour.  I will just spot clean in between.

Here’s the plan.  No jam.

Week 1 – Living room

Week 2 – Bathroom

Week 3 – Kitchen

Week 4 – Bedrooms

Week 5 – Bathroom – because it probably needs an extra cleaning

There ya go folks.  If you want to come when my living room is the cleanest then I recommend you scheduling your visit on Tuesday of the first week of the month.  Otherwise, you’re coming at your own risk.

As momma (and my aunt) always said, “If you’re coming to see me, come anytime.  If you’re coming to see my house, call and make an appointment.”  She actually said that.  A lot.  It’s one of our family’s favorite quotes.  And we lived by it.  Folks were always welcome, but we lived in our house and not on a magazine cover.  And you know what, we had a lot of people in and out because my mom was hospitable and people knew they were welcome.

I think Jesus would want it that way.  You may not be able to eat off my floors for most days out of the month, but you will be welcome to come and eat at my table.  You might have to watch me clear it off and wipe it down, but then you’ll know it’s clean.


4 thoughts on “A Jam Plan

  1. beth

    I love it! I think it’s awesome! I, too, feel the same way about my house…my granny used to say, “if you came to see me, please stay..if you came to see my house, there’s the door.”



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