I Did It

I stayed off facebook for 30 days and then some.  Although I will confess I had to log in one time to get an address from my messages.  But, I did not look at anything else…not even my notifications.  Sometimes my will power is quite superior.  Although most days it is not.  That’s why I had ice cream last night at 9:30 pm (but with the time change it was really only 8:30 pm, and either way I still don’t feel a bit bad about it).

I learned a few things.

I really don’t NEED facebook.  I was pretty happy without it.

I’m going to scale down my newsfeed list drastically.  Is it even still called that anymore?  Oh goodness, I may be so far behind I might not ever catch up.  Well, whatever it’s now called…if I don’t have an actual relationship with someone, or enough of one in the past, that I would actually call, text, or go to coffee with them then I don’t need them on my feed list.

I missed the invited and updates.

I LOVED not having facebook on my phone.  My phone became so much less important and I definitely paid more attention to the girls, or whoever I was with.

However, I’m still me and I did still find plenty of other distractions.  Whoops.

I don’t miss the drama and timesuck.

If facebook wasn’t such a big part of our culture and connecting with people and setting up meetings and events I would totally quit it forever.

However, I’m a type A extrovert and I CANNOT miss out on things.  That would be ridiculous and irresponsible of me.

So, I will be rejoining the facebook world on a reduced level.

Welcome back, facebook world!


What would you most miss about facebook?



One thought on “I Did It

  1. Oh girl, I totally feel you. I can’t leave facebook. I do SO much business on it, and like you, it’s just the way I get invites and updates about important stuff. I am impressed with your willpower though! I did recently take it off my phone, which was GREAT. But I’m still on too much. I wish I could be good about just setting a couple times a day to check. Morning and night maybe. I find myself getting sucked into discussions and “drama” that really aren’t important in any way, shape or form, yet they end up occupying precious space in my brain all day long. So not worth it! Anyway, good job! 🙂


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