Since U Been Gone

Ok, so that has nothing to do with this post.  But that song just keeps running through my head.  Pitch Perfect, anybody?  And now you’re singing it, aren’t you?  You’re welcome.

So, I got a job.  A very part-time job.  I set my own hours.  Accounting and office stuff.  And I sleep with the boss.  This is either going to be the best job ever or we’re going to hate each other.  Wish us luck.

We actually incorporated which is just business speak for more paperwork and more numbers and new accounts.  Just the reason to need more office work and more to do to keep the paper side of the business running smoothly.  Enter nerdy wife.  And I get a REAL paycheck!  I write it myself.  ha  Every woman’s dream, right?  Well, I do have to actually log my hours and answer to my husband so I’ll let you weigh out the pros and cons.  For right now I’m super excited.

I actually really love paperwork and accounting and bookkeeping and excel.  You know why?  None of those things can talk back to me or spit food on me or destroy my house or scream in my face.  However, they also don’t run up to me first thing in the morning and yell, “SURPRISE!  I LOVE YOU!”.  You know you gotta love the emotions of my 5-year old strong-willed child.  When she feels emotions they’re strong and when it’s love directed at you…it’s just the best feeling.  It is not so much the best feeling when she’s angry, yelling, and stomping her feet at you.  I’m telling you, she feels every emotion STRONGLY.  End rabbit trail.

I’m a working girl.  I realize that I’m a mom and I work and I’m productive every single day raising two small children, keeping 2 dogs alive, and keeping up with my husband’s insane schedule.  But I really do like being productive at something that I’m actually good at, something that I actually have a degree in, and something that makes me feel like I know just a little bit and that I might know what I’m doing.

And in case you just met me, like 5 seconds ago, because I don’t hide this at all,  I pretty much have no clue what I’m doing in this whole motherhood deal.  I have a lot of opinions, sure, but I have a lot of doubts and a lot of moments of winging it.  Yes, for a type A, excel, budget-loving girl, I wing it A LOT in motherhood.  A LOT.  Shocking for a planner like me.

Not sure at all how I ended up here.  Lots of little rabbits in this post.  It’s like a puzzle for you to figure out.  See, a gift.  I gave you a puzzle.

To sum up, I got a part-time job.  I am now officially employed by Stuehlmeyer Building & Renovation Company.  We sat down and decided that we would pick the business name with the most letters.  And I think we succeeded.  Enter rabbit: in case you didn’t know…my husband is amazing.  He can quite literally fix everything, build anything, and make the existing better.  He does great work.  He recycles almost every material that he can.  He’s trust-worthy.  If you need something fixed, built, or improved, he’s your guy.  We’re in the process of switching over our website and branding, but for now you can visit us at .  End sales pitch.

And I don’t know what I’m doing in motherhood.

That pretty much sums it all up.


What is your favorite color?  ha  That’s just a rabbit to see if you’re actually reading all these words.



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