Solved the Mystery

Too much Huckle at my house…hence the title of today’s post.  Busytown Mysteries, anyone??  I may reference too many TV shows on here.  I may be giving you the idea that we watch a lot of TV.  And that’s because we do.  And I probably should have some guilt, but I don’t.  And it’s like I’m giving you a glimpse into our world every time I share a reference to a show.  And maybe you feel better about yourself because you don’t watch as much TV as we do.   And you’re welcome.  End rabbit trail.

I get asked fairly frequently who my little Bear looks like.  And to be fair, it’s pretty obvious that it’s not me or Husband.  Nor does she look like her big sister, so I certainly understand the question.  In fact, I kind of laugh because we get asked so often.

So, I’ve decided to post a picture to solve the mystery.

Here she is, the family member that Leah most resembles…drumroll please…my little sister.  She’s awesome and we love her.  We even love her more than Huckle and even more than all the TV shows combined.  She’s a pretty amazing aunt.

Also, my mom, the comedian, likes to tell people that she has grandchildren that look like both of her daughters…except I birthed them both.

My sister is so fabulous.  So fabulous, in fact, that I’m hoping she might not kill me for posting her picture without asking.  She is so cool.  And so fun.  And so smart (except she’s actually super smart…way smarter than me).  And super kind.  And super full of grace.  So much grace that she’s going to forgive me really quickly for this!

I love you, sseeeeeesssssttttttttteeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr!  (Please don’t be mad at me!)

But for real, don’t they look alike???

Love these girls
Love these girls

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