Pee in a Cup

We suspected that my little Banana might have a lovely little urinary tract infection.  It’s not a good sign when your 5 year old says, “I just don’t feel like myself when I have to go to the bathroom this much.”  I’m sure any woman who’s ever had a UTI or been pregnant can relate.

So on the way to the doctor’s office I started prepping her to pee in a cup.  I mean, c’mon, every kid who walks into the bathroom at the doctor’s office and sees the supply of cups can’t resist grabbing one or five, so I figured maybe the excitement over finally getting to use one would be on our side.

And…stage fright.

We took two cups home to see if we could be successful.  I say we because this is totally a team effort.  We tried several times and let me just tell you how awkward it is to have to pee with your mom’s (or dad’s) arm all up in your business.  She finally said, “Mom, I just don’t think my pee wants to go in that cup.”  Um, noted.

We were finally able to get a minimal amount in the cup.  And you know what, I was so proud of those cups in my fridge.  I didn’t yell.  I didn’t get angry.  I just sat patiently with my hand holding a cup under her crotch.

And that a win, folks.


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