Facebook Parenting Sucks

So, I just posted this facebook status, “My little Leah-bear learned to tie her shoes today. (feeling old and proud).”

And then I had this internal debate.  What if someone reads that and thinks, Leah-bear can tie her shoes at x-age. Well, my kid tied their shoes at less-than-x-age, obviously my kid is cooler and smarter.  What if someone else reads it and thinks, my kid tied their shoes at more-than-x-age, obviously my kid is not cooler and dumber.  And this whole thing makes me really sad about facebook parenting.  It kind of sucks.  Why can’t we all just celebrate with Leah-bear that she can tie her shoes without it making us do a comparison of children’s accomplishments and milestones?  I’m certainly guilty.  I know it’s human nature and I shouldn’t blame facebook and all, but sometimes I(we) let facebook magnify things and multiply their occurrences.

All that to say, please celebrate with Leah-bear…or the next kid that you read about that accomplishes something.  Lets take back our minds and not let them turn other children’s accomplishments into mental debates that lead to pride or condemnation.

Also, can we all please celebrate with Leah-bear’s mommy who did not yell at her even though it took much longer to get anywhere today?!?  No yelling.  That’s an accomplishment in and of itself, folks.  Short-term slowness is still hard even when I know it’s long-term gains for speed and independence.

It’s a win-win in my book.  Two big accomplishments.  I may celebrate tomorrow, probably with sugar.


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