The Time Has Come

When you have little ones running around the house and you’re more tired than you’ve ever been and you’re working harder than you’ve ever worked and you’ve picked up the spilled cup/toy/plant/laundry/books/everything for the 18 millionth time there’s a part of you that starts to believe that life will always be this way.

I’m not sure I thought this day would ever come. You know, the day where they are all in school and you have some freedom and your house stays clean for more than 5 minutes and you can actually hear yourself think.

Well, it has come. And, come to find out, I’m not sure I was ready. It feels like a major rite of passage…yes, I know, I know, it’s “only” kindergarten. But it feels like so much more.

I’m sure by the end of the week it will be our new normal and our mornings will be chaos and we’ll be yelling at each other again.  But for today, it was a good morning.  It’s a good day…full of nervous smiles and tears (although that was mostly me)!  I want to savor the moment of where we are today.  I want to feel all the emotion of today before it’s gone.  I want to engage today with where I’m at and where the girls are at and where our family is.  It is what it is.  And I want to let it be and not rush it.

She is beautiful and ready!
She is beautiful and will do great!
They are going to miss each other something terrible!
Me and my baby girl…at least the tears hadn’t started yet.
She loves her daddy!
My other daddy’s girl!
My mini & me!

And if you happen to see me out and I burst into tears you’ll know why.  My babies went to kindergarten and 2nd grade today.  And at the end of today, I’ll be glad this day came and I’ll be glad to have it over.