My Carpe Kairos Moment

Sunday afternoon we had a lovely wedding reception for my cousin and his new bride.  It was awesome and purple.  They let me decorate and I pretty much love them for it.  It was all burlap and lace and purple and lovely and delicious.  They didn’t put me in charge of food though, that was all the power of my lovely Aunt.  She makes the best punch.  And rice krispie treats.  And pretty much everything.

We had a fabulous time and the girls got to play with their cousins, which is pretty much the best day ever for them.  I mean, the reason they don’t want to move to Mt. Vernon is because we’ll be farther from their cousins.  That’s how they base their decisions.

Hannah had a little accident at one point and fell over backwards while playing and got a little knocked out.  I panicked, of course.  Chad stayed calm, of course.  (Note: She was fine and started getting better though out the afternoon and evening.)  It was finally time to head home…there were tears, leaving the cousins always invokes tears.  We drove like 5 miles and stopped to get gas.  Leah needs to go to the bathroom and wouldn’t you know…throws up…a lot.  Ugh.

So we get her cleaned up and head out of town.  5 more miles…and more puking…but not in a restroom this time.  (Ironically Hannah had just asked me if being a mom was hard.  Go figure.)  We turn around back to my moms and she’s asleep by the time we get there, of course.  Anyways I take her in and get her cleaned up and then we head back home.  About an hour in to the trip…yep, more puking…again, not in a restroom.

You know what that means for mom…laundry…lots of laundry.  One of the innocent victims was the husky puppy stuffed animal.  So, he got washed, folks.

And then, walking by my washing machine, I had a carpe kairos moment …

He, apparently, wanted out.
He, apparently, wanted out.

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