I’m Old Fashioned.

Yep, that’s right.  I actually carry envelopes in my wallet and use cash to pay for most everyday purchases.  Husband and I took the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University course and have used a monthly budget and cash ever since. We highly recommend it.  It literally changed our life.  In fact we just paid cash for his new truck (new to us anyways).  It’s more than just learning how to budget.  It covers all kinds of topics, like budgets, saving, insurance, planning, etc.  Take it.  Seriously, it’s worth every penny.  Go ahead, check out the link and find a class near you.

Don’t get me wrong, I still utilize technology every chance I get.  I pay my bills with online bill pay from my bank.  I use a debit card for online purchases and for gas.  I simply refuse to go into the gas station and leave the girls in the car or drag them in just so I can pay cash.  Not. Gonna. Happen.  I budget an amount to sit in my checking account to cover my gas for the month and then I happily use my debit card to pay for it.

To make the practical stylish here a couple links that make it easier and more desirable for me to pay in cash.

Make your own envelopes with this great free tutorial!  Have a party and do it with some friends.  Pick some super trendy paper and get to it.

My two favorite wallets…currently on sale!  Vera Bradley’s zip-around wristlet…my current choice is mocha rouge and I love it!  I also like her zip-around wallet.  Both of these are large enough to hold the cash envelopes and are easy to manage.

Wallet w Envelopes

So, there you have it.  Be old fashioned like me and pay with cash in a trendy way.  You’ll be glad you did.  And I’ll hold your hand while you make the change if you want.  I’m passionate about this.  Use cash.  Do it.


What are the obstacles to you using a cash-based system?




…and not everyone likes it!  ha

We are trying to reuse more and more at our house.

These are “paper towels”.  Reusable paper towels, that is.  I took old cloth diapers and cut them to the same size a single paper towel.  Well, half a full-size paper towel, one single of the select-a-size paper towels.  I serged the edges so that it wouldn’t unravel.  (Let me assure you that these cloth diapers were not used on bums, but as burp cloths.)  I use them just like I would use a regular paper towel and then throw it in my dirty laundry instead of the trash.  I have adjusted just fine to them and have found that I use less “paper towels” overall this way.

Fine Print: I do have a couple admissions.  First, I do keep regular paper, paper towels on hand.  I would rather not use my reusable ones for cleaning up bodily fluids (kids or dogs) or for anything that really grosses me out.  Second, Husband really is not a fan of the reusables so I keep paper ones on hand for him.  I store my paper ones in the bathroom closet so they’re accessible, but not handy.  Win-win, right?  One small step.

It saves me money because I buy a lot less paper towels and it saves on waste so I feel quite good about my decision.

TUTORIAL-ISH #1:  I would have given a sewing tutorial, but its really not worth even a tutorial!  I literally measured half a full-size paper towel and took my old gerber cloth diapers (the cheapos from Wal-mart) and cut out as many as possible from one cloth diaper.  Then, this is the hardest part, serged all the sides (good practice for serging corners!) and tied off and trimmed off the strings.  I do a simple tri-fold and put them in my homemade paper towel hanger.  Get it, its a hanger.  ha  I totally stole the hanger idea from my super crafty friend, Katie!

TUTORIAL-ISH #2:  Here’s the tutorial for that hanger.  Fold a hanger.  Roughly trace it on some paper.  Cut out 2 pieces from your traced pattern.  Sew around them, leaving the end open.  I didn’t even hem the raw end.  Flip it right side out.  Maneuver it onto your hanger, trying not to cuss out SarahFae.  Fold the raw ends in and safety pin it closed.

And, as my little Banana would say, TA DAAA!